Zotrim Customer Reviews – Success Stories From Real Users

Zotrim Testimonials – Real Customer Reviews

To date, Zotrim helped thousands of customers to achieve their dreams of attaining a slimmer, healthier body. The best part of all is that they have managed to do so without ever having to go on a diet.

Zotrim is backed by 5 clinical studies, personal trainers, sports dieticians, and a Biochemist. In the recent BBC ‘Professor Regan’s Diet Clinic’ analysis of all weight management products, Zotrim was the only product that could provide scientific research that proved it works.

We have many men and women lose weight, here is a small selection:

How Zotrim helped Heidi Lambeth dropped from size 24 to 12

  • Starting Weight: 16 stone 4lb
  • Current Weight: 11 stone 5lb

A busy mother of two, Heidi Lambeth was shocked when she discovered that her weight had risen to 16st 4lbs. No matter how healthily she ate, she only ever felt full after eating large meals and often found herself snacking on her children’s leftovers and sugary foods.

zotrim reviews Heidi Lambeth

Self-conscious about her figure and fed up with receiving derogatory comments about her appearance, Heidi decided it was time for a change, so she was impressed when a friend recommended Zotrim.

It was everything she was looking for: enabling her to take control of her meal portions and feel fuller for longer, Zotrim gave her the will power to resist snacking and still eat all her favorite foods.

Initially, a size 24, within weeks of trying Zotrim Heidi had dropped a dress size and felt so confident with these results that she decided to keep on taking Zotrim.

Two years later Heidi has lost over 4 stone and now wears a slim size 12.

Even her family has benefited from the impact Zotrim has had on her eating habits.

“I have been able to pass on my good food habits to my whole family. My husband has also lost weight due to decreased portion sizes and my family is much healthier in general.”

How Louise Hilborne taking Zotrim lost from 90 kg, and Now Wears Size 10

  • Starting Weight: 14 stone
  • Current Weight: 11 stone

A mother to 4 beautiful children, Louise Hilborne had resigned herself to living behind baggy clothes and a sad exterior. No matter what she tried – dietary fad or exercise regime – nothing seemed to work, and over time her weight gradually crept up to 14 stone.

zotrim testimonial by Louise Hilborne

Yet after hearing one woman’s successes with Zotrim and witnessing the results for herself, Louise decided to give Zotrim’s herbal weight loss supplement a try and see if regaining her former size-10 figure was attainable, and she is glad she did.

“It was the best decision I have made in years.”

Making no dietary changes to her lifestyle, Louise began taking Zotrim before every meal and instantly noticed a difference in her appetite. Without even trying, her meal sizes began to shrink in size, and her weight “simply melted away.”
6 months later, Louise has lost over 3 stone and feels incredible. She can now fit into clothes she thought never possible, keep up with her children, and have even given up a 40-a day smoking habit without putting on any weight.

“Zotrim is the product with proof – look, here I am!”


Buhle Mncube tried Zotrim and Gained 3 stone, Now Wears Size 12

When Buhle Mncube first moved to the UK from South Africa to work as a conference organizer, she was surprised to find herself surrounded by so much food.

With temptation all around her, and feeling incredibly homesick Buhle began snacking on all the wrong foods and over time put on weight.

By Easter of 2005, she was shocked to discover she had put on 3 stone and knew she needed to make a lifestyle change.

zotrim review Buhle Mncube

Cutting down on her junk food and joining the gym, no matter how strictly she kept to her diet, her appetite always seemed to be working against her.

Luckily she heard about Zotrim.

“I had never taken pills for anything, but I had nothing to lose. Taking Zotrim 10 minutes before every meal I felt fuller much sooner, and also stopped craving sugary stuff and crisps.”

By Christmas, Buhle had lost 2 stone and was excited to show off her new figure to her family back in South Africa.

Still taking Zotrim whilst she was out there, when she came home she was impressed to find she was back to the same weight she was before she came to the UK.

“I kept going with Zotrim and lost a further stone after coming back to work!”

How Sharon Briers Was Size 16 and Now Wears 10

  • Starting Weight: 13 stone
  • Current Weight: 9 stone

Always content with her slender figure, Sharon Briers had never had to worry about her weight before until she had a baby. Gaining over 4 stone during her pregnancy, Sharon’s clothes size rose from a slim size 10 to a heavy size 16, leaving her feeling self conscious about her appearance.

Determined to regain her former figure, Sharon believed the only way she could effectively lose weight was by following a strict low-calorie low fat that cut out all her favorite foods.

zotrim-customer review Sharon Briers

However, no matter how hard she tried, the temptation to eat was hard to ignore:

“I dreaded dieting. Food was such an important part of my life.”

After trying a variety of meal replacements and exercise regimes with little success, Sharon was almost ready to give up when she spotted a feature about Zotrim in the newspaper.

For the first time, Sharon felt confident she could lose weight and that Zotrim was the answer she was looking for. Without radically changing her diet or exercise plan, the woman in the paper had managed to lose 4 stone – everything Sharon was looking for.

Months later, Sharon is the proud owner of a svelte size 10 figure and feels wonderful.

“Zotrim is simple to work into my busy life and highly effective at helping me eat less.”


Sharon Briers, Louise Hilborne, Heidi Lambeth… just a sample of the thousands of satisfied customers we have helped to lose weight through a patented blend of Yerba Mate, Guarana, and Damiana.

Lasting natural weight loss is within your reach – so take your weight loss desires to the next level, and make your story one to celebrate. Order your supply of Zotrim today.

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